Marion’s Magic Blanket


Marion’s Magic Blanket


Marion’s Magic Blanket is a unique and innovative solution for patients undergoing radiation treatment for cancer. Developed by a group of researchers and inspired by NASA’s heat-dissipating technology, this special blanket aims to minimize or prevent radiation burns caused by treatments. The blanket is made from ceramic fibers that transfer and dissipate heat, keeping the skin cool and comfortable after radiation sessions. Over 500 patients have used the Magic Blanket, reporting excellent results and significantly reduced burns.

Though not approved by the FDA or endorsed by medical professionals, many patients have experienced remarkable benefits by wearing the blanket for several hours after each radiation session. Marion, who custom-makes each blanket personally, offers tailored configurations to suit different areas of the body receiving radiation treatment. Patients worldwide have used the blanket for various cancer treatments, including prostate, brain, throat, esophageal, and lung, with positive outcomes. While it does not replace medical advice, Marion’s Magic Blanket stands as a testament to the potential of innovative approaches in alleviating radiation-induced discomfort and promoting healing during cancer treatment.

You can view the story of the Magic Blanket here.

***This blanket cannot be washed, because it would destroy the fibers, it must be professionally dry cleaned only.***

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