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I got this e-mail from Frederic Delarue and I wanted to share it with everyone, I was privileged to meet Frederick in person, and attend several of his wonderful in-person concerts.  – to download this music go to:

 Frederick wrote:

“This month has been a very busy and powerful month for me. First and foremost, the creation and release of a new CD, that for the first time is FREE to ALL to download.

This new album “MUSICAL RAPTURE – A Healing Gift to Humanity” is Joao Cota-Robles’ Music of the Soul, (who made his transition on Dec. 29, 2010) with Joao’s intent to heal all forms of cancer, and at all levels.  62 minute of soothing music to unleash your tensions, to let go of your worries, and all forms of pain.  

For the first time, I was asked NOT to sell this CD.  

This CD shall NEVER be either bought or sold.  

This is a Gift to Humanity.

Joao’s spirit and wish to heal humanity, did his part; I served by creating this CD, and did my part;

Patti, Joao’s mother, used her great network of influences to share this CD and YouTube video to the world, and did her part;

Now, please do your part by sharing this free music to anyone who you feel may benefit from listening to it.

Blessings from my heart to yours, always.   
Frederic Delarue.  “

Music is a very important part of the rhythm of our lives.  Feed your heart and soul sounds to heal and uplift your Spirits. 

Give yourself the gift of relaxation.
Be gentle with yourself.  Close your eyes, and listen to this beautiful selection a friend sent to us – source of this music is unknown – when it finishes click the back button on your browser — enjoy it –     Blessing2.wav 

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Frederic Delarue:
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