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  • A Poets Look at Cancer -From the Book

    We received an e-mail from Marilyn Stacy who sent us the following 2 poems – She wrote: “Here are a couple of poems from my book about breast cancer, Sometimes You Have to Laugh…a Poet’s Look at Cancer. You have my permission to print them on your website. I hope they give someone a smile.”…

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  • Poetry – Part 2 – 2008-2015

    06-21-2015 From: Tonya Kooiman – Sheldon Iowa BRING IT ONI live my life, never knowing you’re thereThen suddenly, one day, I’m caught in your snareThe first time I was left with my breasts and my prideThe second time you took the breast on my right sideWhat I want you to know in the middle of…

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  • Poems – Part 3

    The Nakedness 6-22-2015 by:; Christine Stoddard – Arlington, VA My hair made me a diligent farmer proud of generations’ worth of tillingI conditioned and combed with a stewardship reserved for the sacredI could not eat my hair but it nourished me in a different way:with compliments, flirting, dates — attention Then the cancer cameand a…

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