Pod Casts

There are several podcasts that specialize in discussing cancer, including breast cancer. These podcasts often feature experts, survivors, caregivers, and advocates who share their experiences, insights, and knowledge about various aspects of cancer, treatments, coping strategies, and support. Here are some popular podcasts on cancer, with a focus on breast cancer:

  1. “The Breast Cancer Podcast” by Dr. Matthew L. Brown:
    Hosted by a renowned breast cancer surgeon, this podcast covers a wide range of breast cancer-related topics, including prevention, treatment options, and survivorship. It features interviews with leading experts in the field and provides valuable insights for patients and their families.
  2. “Breast Cancer Conversations” by Breastcancer.org:
    This podcast from Breastcancer.org offers informative discussions on various breast cancer topics. It covers everything from the latest research and treatments to emotional support and self-care during the breast cancer journey.
  3. “Beyond the Pink Ribbon” by Dr. Regina Hampton:
    Hosted by a two-time breast cancer survivor, this podcast delves into the stories and experiences of breast cancer patients and survivors. It provides a platform for individuals to share their journeys and offer support to others facing similar challenges.
  4. “Breast Cancer Answers” by Dr. Jay K. Harness and Sarah M. Gonnella:
    This podcast aims to provide comprehensive information about breast cancer, addressing questions from patients and caregivers. It covers topics like diagnosis, treatment options, and advances in breast cancer research.
  5. “Cancer.Net Podcast: Breast Cancer” by the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO):
    This podcast features expert interviews and discussions on breast cancer topics, including the latest advancements in treatments, managing side effects, and survivorship.
  6. “All In: The Breast Cancer Podcast” by Allegheny Health Network:
    Hosted by a breast cancer surgeon, this podcast shares stories of hope, resilience, and healing from breast cancer survivors. It also covers breast health tips and advances in breast cancer care.
  7. “The Cancer Support Community” by Cancer Support Community:
    While not exclusively focused on breast cancer, this podcast covers a wide range of cancer-related topics, including coping with a cancer diagnosis, emotional well-being, and caregiver support.

These podcasts offer a wealth of information, support, and inspiration for those affected by breast cancer. Whether you are a patient, survivor, caregiver, or supporter, listening to these podcasts can provide valuable insights and a sense of community during the breast cancer journey.